Flagship Sailing Courses

Recognizing that not every sailor may wish to pursue certification through one of our ASA courses, Flagship Sailing offers several introductory courses without the requirement for written testing necessary in an ASA course. These courses are taught on the water and require only an instructor evaluation for completion.

Introduction to Sailing (FS 100)

This course is designed for people who have not sailed before and would like to learn more about sailing before making any further commitments in terms of training or sailboat purchases. FS 100 is designed as an introduction to either ASA 101 or FS 102. Upon completion of FS 100, students will receive $100 credit toward ASA 101. Other specials and discounts cannot be combined with this offer.

Sailing Fundamentals I (FS 102A)

This is a basic “hands-on” sailing course designed to teach a person new to sailing how to safely sail and dock a sailboat in light to moderate winds and sea conditions in familiar waters. It focuses upon points of sail, tacking, and jibing. Students are given the opportunity to take the helm of boats designed with a beginning sailor in mind. They will begin to become familiar with required safety equipment, points of sail, rules of the road, docking and sailing terminology. There are no written tests or classrooms.

Sailing Fundamentals II (FS 102B)

This course is designed to build upon the skills learned in FS 102A or ASA 101 with the objective of becoming a competent, safe cruising sailor. You will learn to communicate effectively with your crew so that you will soon be able to become the “skipper” of a sloop-rigged auxiliary powered keelboat between 25 feet and 35 feet in length by day in moderate wind and sea conditions. Participants will focus upon sail trim, heaving-to, reefing, and anchoring. The course takes place entirely on board a 22 to 27 foot sailboat. There are no written tests or classrooms.

Bareboat Charter (FS 104)

This is an advanced three-day, two-night on-the-water course designed to prepare sailors to charter sailboats ranging in size between 30 ft and 50 ft in areas such as the British Virgin Islands. While there are no prerequisite courses, participants must be able to sail at the FS 102B level. Participants will receive a combination of instruction and hands-on learning that covers docking, anchoring, sailing at night, identification of buoyage at night, mooring ball procedures, system trouble shooting, maintenance, navigation both dead reckoning and using a GPS, cruise planning, and weather forecasts. The entire course (3 days, 2 nights) will be spent onboard. There is no classroom work or written tests.

Basic Docking Techniques (FS 108)

This course is designed to teach basic docking techniques for sailboats with inboard and outboard auxiliary engines. It is an on-the-water course designed to teach the basic docking skills necessary to dock and undock a sailboat under normal weather conditions. Among the topics covered will be how to utilize prop thrust and prop walk, standing turns, bow lines and spring lines, how to tie a proper cleat hitch, and how to utilize existing winds and currents.

Skills Review Clinic (FS 111)

This on-the-water clinic is targeted to meet the needs sailors who either need a “refresher,” or those who sail more regularly who wish to get focused instruction in a few areas (e.g., docking, sail trim, etc.).


Introduction to Sailing - FS 100 (1/2 day) $200 / Person or $300/ Two People

Sailing Fundamentals I – FS 102A (2 days) $375 / Person

Sailing Fundamentals II – FS 102B (2 days) $425 / Person

Combination – FS 102A + 102B (4 days) $750 / Person

Bareboat Charter – FS 104 (3 days, 2 nights) $695 / Person

Basic Docking Techniques – FS 108 (1/2 day) $325 / Person

Skills Review Clinic – FS 111 (Half to Full day) $250 / Person

Private Instruction – Owner's Boat $425/day add (place travel surcharge TBD)

Private Instruction (full day) - $425


GROUP, MILITARY, FIRST RESPONDER & SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNTS 10%, 15%, or 20% discounts are available for groups of two, three, or four participants, respectively, who register together for the same ASA or FS sailing class on the same dates. Active duty military members, veterans, first responders and senior citizens (65+) are eligible for an additional 10% discount. Now offering all veteran’s a $50 discount for ASA 101.